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Premium Pizza Boxes

First Pack Group offer a great choice of either plain, generic printed or innovative design type pizza boxes. Also a simple and easy custom branding print service for all it's pizza customers in the US.

Home Delivery Products


First Pack carry an extensive range of Generic Printed and Plain Pizza Boxes along with specialty
pizza industry accessories such as pizza savers and cleverly designed slice trays. Plenty of premium quality choices in several board grades and prints to suit every segment of the pizza market.
Make your business stand out from the rest by using First Packs Premium Pizza Boxes.

First Pack Group


USA Office:

West Coast Operations DC
Rancho Dominguez, CA.
20212 South Rancho Way
Rancho Dominguez,
CA 90220 U.S.A.

T: 866-967-1008 FREE CALL

Asia Office:

Global Logistics
Suite 2209, 22/F
Tower 1. Millennium City
388 Kwun Tong Rd,
Kowloon, Hong Kong

T: (+85) 2 3104 0510

Australian Office:

Pacific Rim Operations
2-6 McWillam Street
Springvale, Vic. 3171
Melbourne, Australia

T: 1300 665 554 FREE CALL

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